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Noise control in the office/optimized room acoustics in an open-plan office


Here’s what the Augsburg-based company L., reports about noise control/noise reduction in the office with soniflex material:

Right after moving to our new premises we noticed that there was an uncomfortably high degree of reverberation in the new offices. During office hours, the overall noise level caused by the usual office devices was rather unbearably high, especially when several employees were talking on the phone at the same time. This background noise made it impossible for our employees to focus on their work.

After consulting with the friendly team at soniflex we decided to fit the ceiling of our offices with the highly effective soni PROTECT noise absorber panels made from melamine resin foam. As we planned to cover the entire ceiling surface, the company’s special offer soni PROTECT panels of only 25 mm thickness was just right for us. We used the soniflex special adhesive that was included in the delivery to glue the material to the ceiling, always leaving a small gap between the individual panels. As the 25-mm acoustic panels are sized 500x500 mm, an attractive visual effect was achieved.



This simple noise reduction measure allowed us to minimize the reverberation time in our offices. Now, even when several employees are on the phone at the same time, the room acoustics in our offices are very comfortable and allow us to work without disruption or distraction.


Noise reduction/improved room acoustics in an open-plan office


Effective noise reduction and improved room acoustics achieved through the installation of noise-absorbing acoustic panels on the ceiling of an open-plan office.

The soni PROTECT white 50 mm noise reduction panels selected for the project were cut in strips of different widths and affixed to the ceiling in a longitudinal pattern using soniflex special adhesive. The surface covered by the noise-absorbing elements corresponds to about 30% to 40% of the overall floor space of the open-plan office. The soni PROTECT noise reduction panels were very easy to cut and adapt to the room geometry. This measure helps us to better protect the employees against excessive noise and achieve an attractive visual effect at the same time.

The result: The substantial noise reduction achieved makes working in the open-plan office much more agreeable and effective even during very busy times.



Planning and implementation of this noise control measure :          Design and project planning Studio b2

Bahnhofstrasse 21

D-21438 Brackel (Germany)



Noise reduction in a conference room


Noise control in the conference room of a Berlin-based company:

Because of the extensive presence of sound-reflecting surfaces, such as large windows and hard flooring, there was a high level of reverberation in the conference room in question. The uncomfortably high noise level interfered with speech intelligibility and thus made it hard to listen attentively to presentations or discussions.

The installation of sound-absorbing soni PROTECT white panels between the light fixtures on the ceiling resulted in a considerable reduction of overall reverberation in the conference room. Thanks to the improved room acoustics and the reduction of the noise level, the conference room is now used more often by far.




Noise control in the office


Noise control and noise level reduction in the office of a company based in Langenau, Germany:


The problem: The high reverberation level in the office of a company in Langenau made it impossible for employees to make phone calls while others were speaking on the phone or other sources of noise were active. The distracting noise interfered with their ability to focus on their work. Employees suggested that a noise reduction measure be implemented at their workplace.

The solution: All around the edge of the ceiling, a “frieze” of soni PROTECT sound absorber panels was installed. Even though this frieze is relatively narrow in relation to the room’s overall dimensions, the noise protection measure led to a substantial improvement in room acoustics and a considerably reduced reverberation time.



In another office, soni PROTECT sound absorber panels were installed on the wall.



(soniflex comments:) As soni PROTECT sound absorber panels are made from melamine resin foam (Basotect) and thus are susceptible to damage, they should be installed only where there is little risk of accidental impact.